It is critical to unite the people of both sheep herds to demand an end to rule by the rich plutocracy. This demand can be agreed upon by a majority of peopleβ€”I’m sure. Tactics taken to achieve this are not new concepts, national strike, selected and effective boycotts of the worst corporations that benefit the most from buying government, and […]

The Plutocracy Report Show 106

In the latest episode of the Plutocracy report show, Vince delves into a range of pressing issues that demand our attention. Such as the alarming experience of inhaling toxic air caused by the relentless Canadian wildfires. He argues that the indictment of Trump, rather than diminishing his popularity, has only served to bolster his support. Vince addresses the need for […]

The Plutocracy Report Show 105

The Plutocracy Report Show 105 revolved around the idea of eliminating plutocrats from power and replacing the current economic system with a resource-based economy. Vince, the host of the show, expressed his belief that such a shift would greatly benefit humanity, even though most people might find it hard to comprehend how this could be achieved. Vince emphasized the need […]

You know what? I’m sick of this. The media has been lying to us for years, and it’s time we band together and stop them. The plutocracy is a powerful force in the world, and it has used its money and influence to keep us divided and powerless. But we can change that by banding together and fighting back against […]