It is critical to unite the people of both sheep herds to demand an end to rule by the rich plutocracy. This demand can be agreed upon by a majority of people—I’m sure. Tactics taken to achieve this are not new concepts, national strike, selected and effective boycotts of the worst corporations that benefit the most from buying government, and street protests until the political puppets of the plutocrats are replaced with common men and woman of integrity, content to serve their constituents for a modest salary and nothing more. A one-page law can end the buying of power, it’s really not complicated, all private money banned form government and political campaigns.                                                                                Realistically we are not collectively smart enough to know this act is needed for our survival and the will of the people to take back our government is not high enough at the time because the artificial Plutonomy is still being propped up with unlimited fiat diggi-doe and the price of living and food has not increase enough yet. This inevitability will change, perhaps starting with in a year, and we will have an opportunity for people to understand the dire need to change our form of government, economy, the way we value money and the monetary system itself.                                                                                                                        In the meantime, you can join me in individual action by being a bad citizen for the plutie elite.  Don’t help the Plutonomy and fight the powers that shouldn’t by being a low consumer. Don’t use the big banks, (i.e use a credit union) Don’t take out loans or use credit cards, drive the same car and take care of it, only buy stuff you need, grow food, stay healthy, don’t take pills and have no desire to fit in with consumption and popular culture-based lifestyle and of course don’t join the military and advise the youngsters not to as well.                                                                           Most of all we must be ready to stand up to this socially and technologically destructive control structure leading the human race to dystopian despotism and near term omnicide. Their use of unlimited fiat money creation is not used to benefit humanity but to perpetuate an unjust and insane economic that is best described as the Plutonomy. We can easily change that to a more humanistic and intelligent system for the benefit of all and work to save what left of earth’s life support systems before it is too late.  I have many ideas on how we can manage our societies after we end this system that is only driven by upward money flow and power consolidation and every decision is based on profits to plutocrats. Our first law is liberty is guaranteed and participation to government is voluntary.  Vince L. Marcanti 2019

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