The Plutocracy Report – 03.23.18

In this show Vince starts with an angry commentary about our skies. Then he talks about solvingproblems by looking at things from a different mindset, as he touches on creating a new currency,Fukushima, and the gulf oil spill disaster. Next he plays a song by Roger Waters that he connects toIsraeli oppression over the Palestinians and having empathy. After that […]

The Plutocracy Report – 03.16.18

In this week show, Vince begins with a commentary on negative people. Then he touches on the war plutocrats and explains how they try to scare us to justify the enormous military budget. In the third segment he talks about science and research and explains how we are deceived by science for continued, iniquitous profits of the giant corporations, this […]

The Plutocracy Report – 03.09.18

Tune in to The Plutocracy Report every week as Vince takes listeners deep inside the governmental narrative of the mainstream media/propaganda system and exposes the motivation behind the stories and why they are reported is such a way. Apart from providing listeners with a broader, two sided view of everything pertinent in the news. The show also contains humor, in […]