The Plutocracy Report Show: 02.25.2022

Vince uses his powers of deduction to assure us this is a very precarious point in time for humanity itself. What he describes as plutie business and what’s to soon come disturbed me to the point of feeling nauseated. His brief interjections of hope did not outweigh the doom and vitriol he spouted culminating with inappropriate insults to someone named […]

The Plutocracy Report Show: 02.04.22

This monumental 100th Plutocracy Report was an unrelenting harangue that involved current events interjected with harsh opinions and predictions. Vince Discussed the Canadian trucker protest and the Joe Rogan bowdlerization propaganda. He took a call too… – We apologize for not having a more descriptive paragraph for this show. Our archive writer gracefully retired. If anyone is interested in being […]

The Plutocracy Report: 01.21.22

I have never heard such vile and extreme anti-vax and anti-left rhetoric in my life. This man has no scruples. In this episode Vince was offensive beyond my tolerance.  After listening to his constant complaining, yelling and hateful ridicule of jab takers and democrats I refused to finish the show. I suspect he just kept ranting about this conjectural new […]

The Plutocracy Report Show: 01.07.21

This one can’t properly be described. Over the years I thought I had become desensitized to the vulgarity and bitterness Vince uses toward our fellow human beings he calls sheepies; but to start the 4th year of the plutocracy report he was able to outrage me again.  He denigrated capitalism, communism, fully jabbed people and even allies within the medical […]