The Plutocracy Report Show: 12.17.21

The Plutocracy report show 97- Transmission of truth.Β  Today Vince claimed to be only half a genius after a long week of mind-numbingΒ labor left him sore and stupid. Rather than commenting on the latest news and articles he went on spontaneous rants and emotional tangents filled with classic new expressions that encapsulate the precarious times we live in. Somehow the […]

The Plutocracy Report – 12.03.21

Today Vince explores a number of pertinent issues including: the mighty moronic omnicrom agenda, the dangerous reality of nations with a majority of stupid people, Plutie business and pot heads, and the debut of a new original song of uprising.Β  After the song segment Vince speculates on why athletes in Europe are collapsing and American millionaire athletes are not. He […]

The Plutocracy Report – 11.05.21

The Plutocracy Report: Universal File #95 β€” Forewarning; Extreme sarcasm and hostility over serious issues may be offensive to some. Exciting expressions of excessive emotions bombard the listener as Vince expands on upon plutocracy. Β Some of his bitter and rude tirades featured: Pfizer power, current Plandemic phase 2 propaganda and Idiots of the Week. Today’s show stirred my psyche by […]

The Plutocracy Report: 10.22.21

Vince explores the great lie of billionaire benevolence, the propaganda of plutocrat philanthropy and pontificates on the true motives of the plutie elite. He gives us a taste of what it’s like in the cowardly new world of October 2021 and a bit of stoicism.Β He explains how the controlled collapse of America will not relent via orders from above. Only […]

The Plutocracy Report – 09.24.21

Today’s plutocracy report was focused on The United States of Apathy. He insists the only way this disastrous great reset agenda can be pulled off is by mass gullibility and collective apathy. Β He explores the main objective of plutie propaganda and how the corporate news media is making intelligent people seem like idiots to the idiots. Exploring Nicki Minaj and […]