The Plutocracy Report Show: 01.07.21

This one can’t properly be described. Over the years I thought I had become desensitized to the vulgarity and bitterness Vince uses toward our fellow human beings he calls sheepies; but to start the 4th year of the plutocracy report he was able to outrage me again.  He denigrated capitalism, communism, fully jabbed people and even allies within the medical truth movement. After reminding us to do our own research and make our own decisions he gives examples of his technique in to thinking. A grim picture is painted with his words as he predicts what’s to come in 2022. He gives examples of plandemic psychological operations, perfected propaganda, and how the plutocratic globalists are using socialism to achieve support for their digital wallet and vax-pass system, which he says is the main goal of the great plutonomy reset agenda. His rude and remorseless rants are only paused by a familiar caller and a new segment to make us feel good near the end of the show.

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